Xaniair solution


SILVER DIHYDRATE CITRATE (SDC) antimicrobials. Electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver that can serve as the basis for a wide range of products in diverse markets. Colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-caustic and the aqueous SDC formulates well with other compounds.

SDC is ready to use disinfectant and sanitizer, on non-hard surfaces. It is a patented and EPAregistered hard surface disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer. SDC offers broad spectrum efficacy, rapid contact times and 24-hour residual protection. It is registered as a no rinse food contact surface sanitizer that has demonstrated efficacy against a broad spectrum of germs including, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, Human Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C.

In a scientific review conducted by the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products, they have deemed SDC to be non-toxic by oral exposure, non-toxic by dermal exposure, non-irritating and not a skin sensitizer.

World Health Organization assessed the safety of using silver compounds for sanitizing drinking water and concluded that there have been no reports of toxic effects resulting from the exposure of healthy persons to these compounds.

Application areas:

  • Houses, offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, hotels, toilets, recreational facilities, public transportation.
  • It can be used on paints, glazed tiles, plastic, metal, glass, and glazed porcelain stoneware.
  • For other surfaces, check on a small part of the surface before use.

See brochure for liquid technical specifications

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