Manufacture and sale of vending machines
Specialized in the vending field

Project Vending’s activities cover the design, production and sale of machines in the vending field for any kind of packed products, food and non-food, using the most updated technologies for cutting-edge solutions.  The Project Vending range of machines are intended for an extensive clientele, being suitable to dispense not only snacks and beverages, but also cosmetic and hygienic products, articles for solarium, fitness centers, hotels, service & car wash stations, industrial laundries. In short, wherever a product can be sold automatically, no limits to the imagination !
An outstanding market niche for Project Vending machines is represented by mobile installations (taxis, buses, trains) with the strictest safety requirements. A further advantage offered by the Project Vending machines is the possibility of customization, product advertising, web connectivity.
The vending machines range starts from the “Eurosnacky”  models, ambient temperature, slim and compact, as deep as just 20 cm., up to the chilled  “Selene” and “Maxima” models, stylish and larger.

Project Vending can also develop projects according to specific customer requirements.