Vending machines

Project Vending’s activities cover the design, manufacture and sale of vending machines for packed products, food and non-food, with advanced technical solutions. A wide range of products can be dispensed: snacks and beverages, products for solariums, fitness and sports centers, hotels, car service and washing stations, industrial laundries…. No limits to the imagination!

Line of customized vending machines

Examples of custom-made machines

Linea personalizzate

Line of non-refrigerated vending machines



Vending machines mainly suitable for laundries, car washing stations, pet shops, solariums, fitness and sports centers.


Line of refrigerated vending machines


Vending machines especially suitable for hotels, B & Bs and Spa


Maxima Line

A line of refrigerated machines with different capacities

Distributore automatico refrigerato per bibite e snak